Perfect quality – irrespective of the industry

Are you a manufacturer? Do you need safe and strong packages? Irrespective of branch of an industry you operate in, Interplastik warrants relevant and the best quality containers. With us you will store articles of building chemicals industry, household chemicals, garden chemicals and even heavy industry chemicals such as asphalt mass or bituminous mass as well as sensitive and highly demanding foodstuffs – fish foodstuffs, candies, jams, nuts or dairy products.
Our offer shall enable you to select a package acc. to your preferences. Irrespective of a mould you chose, you can rely on the best quality product offered by the Interplastik company. A design of a selected container depends on you – range of colors is unlimited and the label will be set into (a product) at the package manufacturing stage!

IML – modernly and ecologically

Interplastik, taking care for a complex service of your company, has implemented one of the latest technologies in the market that is IML (In Mold Labeling). It consists in coupling of a label and a package during a production process.
Setting a label into (a product), made from the same material as the remaining part of a container, exempted a risk of un-attaching, fading or tearing of a paint as it happens in case of paper labels. IML is also a guarantee of high quality print sharpness which is not worse compared to the sharpness of print on a paper base. Additionally, due to the IML technology one can achieve a pearl glaze or an orange peel effect.
Implementation of the IML technology means also ecologic benefits. Since the entire package is manufactured along with a label, from the same raw material, it is possible to recycle it entirely.