Dedicated details

Nothing is impossible!

In order to start manufacturing of a plastic detail we do not require total documentation of a production. To start cooperation Interplastik needs a prototype only, even a scheme or an idea which shall be discussed together and make real. When making decision on purchase of our services you can be sure you get a full 3D documentation which is based on specification adjusted to the injection production method.

You can be certain of your product! Team of professionals and designers take care at every stage of creation of it. After a designed model has been accepted and potential corrections have been implemented, we can design a mold. Our professionals make it on the grounds of pre-fabricated highest quality bodies applying modern software and specialized tools.

It is high time to start the production process. In Interplastik we are proud of amazingly modern and innovative machine park. Applying the injection method, we operate the best machinery of worldwide recognized brands such as Krauss Maffei. Optimal parameters and modern functions of our molding machine make that products manufactured by them are characterized by the best quality. Additionally, the entire process has been constantly supervised due to which we guarantee a perfect effect.